What to Wear To Dinner

So you snagged a reservation at Fog Harbor Fish House, exciting! You might wonder – Can I wear casual dinner outfits? What is the proper attire? Many guests think we are a business casual restaurant but we do not have a set restaurant dress code. 

We welcome all dinner attire as long as guests are wearing shoes and a shirt, and nothing offensive. Being located on PIER 39, we often have guests join us wearing casual evening attire as well as business casual dinner wear. We know some guests were enjoying the day exploring the city comfortably earlier, while some get dressed up in elegant casual dress for a more formal experience. Either way – all are welcome and we want everyone to be comfortable and enjoy.

If someone invites you to dinner at Fog Harbor Fish House and suggests attire, here are some pointers for what to wear whether its casual, casual elegant dress code, a business casual dinner, or otherwise. 

Casual Elegant Attire


This sounds like an oxymoron to many of us. Can you get away with wearing casual dinner outfits since it says casual? Not exactly. Elegant casual dress implies wearing a dressed up version of your casual attire, but more casual than formal. Women will likely feel most comfortable in a dressy jumpsuit or a dress complemented with a fancy bag and other jewelry for flare. Men often wear a button down shirt with slacks and a sport coat or a suit. Darker colors and leather shoes are a good call.

Business Casual

business casual

If you are attending a business casual gathering, this term implies looking put together and professional, but not overly formal. Women usually avoid denim for business casual, as well as lean more toward longer skirts and higher neck lines to keep professionally covered. Revealing clothing is not common in business casual settings. Men usually wear khakis, a button down, shirt tucked in, and nicer shoes. Sneakers are not commonly worn. 


casual denim

At Fog Harbor Fish House, casual dinner outfits span a wide range and are still appropriate, but most people wear clothing dressier than sweat pants. You will likely be most comfortable among other guests wearing jeans, a casual t shirt, and most any shoes if you plan to wear casual clothes. 

We look forward to welcoming you in for dinner and hope this helped you feel comfortable to dress the way you’d like!

Now that you know what different dress codes refer to, you may want to use that knowledge to dine at one of our favorite pizza restaurants or sushi spots in San Francisco.