Best Pizza in San Francisco

Depending on who you ask, you’ll get many different answers on where to get the best pizza in San Francisco. But you are in luck. Being a four-generation San Francisco family, we are happy to share our expert tips on the pizza restaurants in San Francisco.

San Francisco pizza is a bit different than the typical New York or Chicago pizza. While other cities have a distinct style of deep dish, for example, pizza places in San Francisco have a wide range of types of pizza – from deep dish, to thin crust, Margherita and pesto. There’s something for every taste.


Best Pizza Places in San Francisco

Tony’s Pizza Napoletana
Located in North Beach, Tony’s pizza is well located in a fittingly Italian neighborhood. Tony Gemignani is a well-known pizzaiolo and while you can find some of the best pizza in San Francisco, you can also find some of the best authentic vibes. Tony serves a variety of pizza types including California style, wood-fired Neapolitan pizza, classic New York, Detroit red-topped, New Jersey tomato-topped, and more.

A Mano
Found in Hayes Valley, this restaurant always makes the list of best pizza places since it opened in 2018. They don’t take reservations so as long as you get there when they open, you can always find a seat! Toppings change seasonally but all pies are made in a high-temp gas oven delivering consistently delicious pizza every time.

Che Fico
This place is always busy since its opening with a famous chef, David Nayfield, it’s been the trendiest restaurant in San Francisco. And for good reason. The pizza is cooked to perfection with interesting ingredients, topped with Parmigiano on the crust, and the sommelier helps you pair it with the perfect wine to enhance your experience.

Fiorella makes the list for the incredible quality of the dough, with perfect char, as well as an ever-changing unique list of seasonal toppings. There are two locations, visit the one on Polk street for the newer dining room.

Wipeout Bar & Grill


This fun surf-themed restaurant serves fresh banked, hand-tossed, pizzas on PIER 39 in Fisherman’s Wharf with indoor and outdoor patio options. The service is always friendly and the TVs place fun surf themed videos and live sports.

Many people have strong opinions on where to find the absolute best pizza. There is so much good pizza that you can just search pizzeria san Francisco and very likely find yourself eating some of the best pizza of your life. Once you choose your restaurant, here are some tips for what to wear to your pizza feast.

Do you have recommendations for San Francisco pizza that you don’t see listed above? Let us know!