Best Sushi San Francisco

If you love seafood as much as we do, you are likely interested in the best sushi San Francisco has to offer. While we are proud to be the first 100% sustainable seafood restaurant in Fishermans Wharf, we have spent a lot of time and energy researching fish and seafood.

Sushi San Francisco

Whether you are into omakase, sushi, nigiri, or the typical California roll, you can find really good sushi in San Francisco. Most people look up the best sushi bay area or sushi San Francisco when searching for where to eat this cuisine. We created this list to make it easier than searching best sushi San Francisco and wondering which places are better than others.

Best Sushi Restaurants in San Francisco


The Michelin star points to support our claim that Wako is THE place for best omakase SF. This sushi restaurant on Clement street has a $100 omakase special that we highly recommend. They also have bento boxes for cooked items.


This is another best omakase SF has to offer, also Michelin starred and located in Nopa.


This is some of the best sushi San Francisco has on the radar. You can expect fun upbeat music, tasty truffle noodles, and unique sushi and sashimi combinations. Eater SF rates this restaurant three stars.


Before you swear on a best Japanese restaurant San Francisco has, you must try Fenikkusu. This incredible Japanese restaurant servers izakaya small plates and incredible omakase style sushi.


While you will mostly find sushi if you search Japanese restaurant San Francisco, you may not find this unique vegan restaurant. Cha-ya has many non sushi items as well including stir-fry meal kits.


Akikos often comes up when people discuss the best Japanese San Francisco restaurants. They serve a la cart sushi, chirashi bowls, and omakase.

Being a top food city in the US, and on the water, it makes sense that many people seek out best sushi in search. There are many top sushi restaurants across the city but these are some of our favorite tried and true, as well as the hottest new sushi spots. Once you make a reservation, here are some suggestions on what to wear to dinner.

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What are some of your favorite restaurants? Let us know if you have any suggestions we missed!

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