Protect Seals Campaign Pledge

Save the seals! We proudly uphold the Protect Seals Campaign Pledge to boycott the use of Canadian seafood. This boycott encourages Canada’s fishing industry to stop the inhumane killing of seals.

Click here to see a presentation on why it is important that we take a stand.

A few facts on the seal situation:

· Each spring off the east coast of Canada, hundreds of thousands of seal pups are shot and clubbed to death by Canadian fishermen. Most of the pups haven’t eaten their first solid meal at the time they’re killed. Many are skinned alive.

· These seals are killed by commercial fishermen. The fishermen who kill seal pups each spring make 95% of their income from selling seafood and only 5% from killing seals.

· By avoiding seafood caught by fishermen who support and participate in the commercial seal hunt, you’ll be giving Canada’s fishing industry cause to reconsider its position on the seal hunt. Seafood sourcing decisions can help encourage Canadian sealers to sell their sealing licenses back to the government. They’ll be fairly compensated, and the needless killing will end.

· Thanks to the participation restaurants, seafood businesses and grocery stores across the US in the Protect Seals campaign, 50% of sealers in Newfoundland now favor a license buyout plan under which they would sell their sealing licenses back to the government and the hunt would end.