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Even with all the Michelin star restaurants SF has to offer, Michelin guide san Francisco was not published this year due to the temporary closures of so many restaurants by city mandates. But there are still many incredible restaurants that received the san Francisco Michelin star previously that attract top diners from all over the world. San Francisco continues to have more restaurants opening earning new stars, and earning more stars for restaurants that already have one or more.

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Whether you are looking for the best Italian, Mexican, Chinese, or Vietnamese food – multi-course or casual sit down – Michelin star san Francisco restaurants are aplenty in all categories.

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Michelin Restaurants San Francisco

Atelier Crenn

This is the first three Michelin star restaurant by a female chef in the United States. Quite impressive! It is located in a fun young hip neighborhood near the waterfront and has been a successful French multi course restaurant for years. Yes, it is quite heavy but incredible and balanced flavors. If you don’t want such a lavish experience, enjoy Bar Crenn next door by the same chef, but a bit more affordable and approachable for the average diner.

State Bird Provisions

This Michelin star restaurant was groundbreaking when it came on the scene as the hottest restaurant in San Francisco for a bit. Not only is the food delicious, it’s a fun and compelling concept that is easy to understand and explain to friends to entice them to want to dine at this restaurant. The husband and wife team took the well-known dim sum style of service, with an American fine food twist. The servers are extremely friendly and knowledgeable as they walk around with the dim sum car full of hot tasty plates that you can order without even having to wait. It’s fun, relaxed, exciting and something new to dazzle new diners. While this American dim sum style proved to be successful here, we have not seen many other restaurants successfully copy this model. If it seems intriguing, definitely go. You will not be disappointed.

The Progress

This is the sister restaurant next door to State Bird Provisions by the same husband and wife team. It is a family-style restaurant where everything is served in large portions meant to be shared. So much so that we recommend dining with at least a four-person group or else you won’t get to try many dishes, as they are so large and priced accordingly. This delightful restaurant has the same delicious food and friendly service as their other restaurant and is definitely worth a visit as well.


If you love pasta, you absolutely cannot miss Sorrel. This is a lesser-known restaurant in terms of the cult-like following but it deserves the same amount of praise if not more. The flavors and textures are interesting and exquisite in every dish, and the restaurant is in a lovely neighborhood setting that makes you feel like you’re getting a fantastic treat at a restaurant you know secrets about.


This restaurant is a long time favorite among San Francisco Italian food lovers. They are also well known for their vast impressive wine list with knowledgeable approachable sommeliers to help guide you to the perfectly paired bottle.

Kin Khao

If you like Vietnamese food and are looking for a more affordable Michelin experience, you should definitely check this place out. It’s located in a hotel, which you will learn when you have to use the restroom and realize you walk through a hotel lobby. But the dining room is accessible from the street. Chef Pim takes classic dishes and adds a unique twist to delight the taste buds. But do beware – many of these dishes are quite spicy!


The most elevated, creative, high end Mexican food we have found in San Francisco, for sure. This cozy small restaurant has incredible wine, service, plates, decor, and of course – food.

If you plan to search for Michelin star restaurants bay area, you will find many incredible options outside of just Michelin san Francisco. Bay Area Michelin Star go up to Sonoma, Napa, down to Los Altos and many in the East Bay.

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Michelin Restaurants Bay Area

Our prior list was some of our favorite Michelin san Francisco, here are some of our favorites from outside of the city.


French Laundry

Sir and Star



What other Michelin restaurants Bay Area are must-tries that are not listed here? We’d love to know your recommendations!