Watch How Our 100% Sustainable Seafood Goes from the Ocean to Your Plate [Video]

Fog Harbor strives for fresh, sustainable seafood dining with an ocean to plate experience. Approved by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program, Fog Harbor is the first 100% Sustainable Seafood Restaurant on Fisherman’s Wharf. Fog Harbor serves a ton of seafood yearly. In doing so, they wanted to do their part in trying to help the ocean stay sustainable, help fisheries thrive, prosper and continue to grow.

Joe Conti is one of Fog Harbor’s seafood venders – he owns a seafood company called water to table. Joe picks up fish directly from fisherman up and down the coast between bodega and all the way down to Monterey, Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay. In the video shown below, they work with small-time fisherman outside of Berkley. The fisherman are hook and line guys. They either have six poles out, or one pole with multiple hooks. The fisherman are catch gorgeous fish, like local halibut.

What makes the fish they are catching sustainable? It’s caught in California and the Department of Fish and Game regulates what they out there. It’s also all local hooking line and it’s as sustainable as it gets. They catch them right off the boat, put the fish on ice, then they arrive at Fog Harbor in the morning.

Watch the video below and experience ocean to plate dining.